Connecting your studies – #6

As my internship has progressed throughout the summer, I have been exposed to all different aspects of the industry.  At the start of my summer, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to pursue as a career path. I knew I liked the entertainment industry and within that marketing, event planning, and advertising. At my internship I have been working mainly with the account management side. This department includes planning events for our clients with music artists, entertainers, and other figures. One of our big clients has a store down in Soho, this is where we hold a lot of the events. It brings traffic into their store and we’re able to show off their new products while advertising album releases, listening sessions, and other cool things. We do all the planning and organizing, which includes building a deck to pitch to our clients to agree to the event, reserving whatever hotel and car services we may need, making itineraries, creating visuals to be shown at the event, the flyer to advertise, the invitations… all of it. While this is super fun, it has also led me to believe this isn’t the exact path I want to do in the future. Planning the major events are fun however some of the things we need to organize and put together are tedious and silly. I’ve also realized that while I love the entertainment business, the company I am at now revolves around rap and indie music… something I’ve never been as into compared to celebrity gossip and fashion. This has also showed me that I want to work in a different side of the entertainment business. This entire internship has been an amazing opportunity and I have been learning skills that will be truly valuable in my future along with a reference on my resume that will pop out compared to others but it has also allowed me to observe and learn what are things I want to do in the future in terms of career and what are some things I don’t.

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