Cultural Work Environment- Blog 2

To me, work culture encompasses all aspects that influence the workplace and those within it. Aspects of work culture include, but are not limited too, the environment in which employees work, meaning the work space itself, the resources available, and the tone set in the office, the people who one works with and around, and the company’s overall work precedent that is set and enforced. At Alice + Olivia, the work culture is relaxed and cooperative, yet driven by progress and determination. The offices are located on the Highline in NYC’s meatpacking district, looking over the beautiful architecture and nature of the Highline and out to the waters of the Hudson river. The offices are in a more slow-paced environment compared to the rest of NYC, creating a less hectic work environment within the office. Everyone in the office works together toward a common goal, success. Alice + Olivia emphasizes a sense of community for and with its employees. This is my favorite part about A+O. I love how everyone in the office, which encompass three floors within the building, is cooperative and helpful toward one another. As an intern, I have realized that almost everyone is willing to help me when I need it and eager to show me the ropes. No one is competing with one another, instead, everyone is on the same team, competing with the rest of the fashion industry. I think the cooperative and relaxed tone, and slight sense of isolation of the physical workplace allows the communal characteristics to thrive and in turn allow A+O to thrive as well.

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