Family in the Workplace

Maria Backman

ALA 225 SU 2017


Blog 2: Work Culture


The environment and energy that should surround the workplace is one of comfortability and a sense of welcoming, with a hinge of competitive fever to ensure that you’re striving to be the best in business. There should also be a sense of team work and comradery with other staff members, that way business can be successful.  At the TGQ firm I have experienced exactly that. When I come into work every day I am greeted with smiles and conversations that take an interest in each person’s life and isn’t just “business” its personable, making coming in fun. In addition, I am learning so much from the other attorneys that work within the firm about their decisions and career paths as well as different experiences they credit as fundamental in choosing to practice. The assignments given to me are manageable and help with learning about the laws and statutes in the state of Michigan, which is great to add on to the knowledge of NY laws. One cool aspect since starting at this firm is the real sense of family here, many places will add on the word “family” but not really mean it. Here, there are family portraits of each worker’s family and the conversations and events outside of work solidify the true meaning of it. Yes, it is a business and the objective is to handle cases and be lucrative and efficient in doing so but, the pleasure each member takes into knowing one another is unique.

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