Favorite Intern Experience | #3

While I’ve been learning a ton and gaining incredible hands on experience through my projects this summer, the best part about my internship has been getting to know my co-workers (especially the other interns). The intern program at la-z-boy is fantastic because we not only get to work on projects that actually have a tangible, meaningful impact on the company, but we also have several bonding activities through which we are able to move beyond simply having a professional relationship and actually become friends with one another. The best bonding activity we’ve had so far is when we went and volunteered at the Ronal McDonalds house in Toledo to make dinner for families who have children staying at the hospital. It was a blast to be able to work together in a team and give back to the community by making breakfast food for dinner! At one point, I was paired up with a supply chain intern who goes to MSU and we were responsible for the pancake station. In spite of our differences, we had a great time flipping pancakes and bantering about which school was superior – she even let me make a couple of block M pancakes to serve! Even though the internship experience is aimed at being an educational one, la-z- boy has done a phenomenal job of recognizing the need to balance the workload out with fun activities; something I am ever grateful for!

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