Half Way Through | #4

My internship at Zoro US is half way through now. Most of the work up till today has been consistent with my initial goal and my overall experience with the team has been really positive. I have conducted weekly and bi-weekly check-in meetings with my internship manager and the departmental director. My work at this point is much more speeded up and organized than that at the beginning stage. I am enjoying the harmonious team dynamic and the transparency of leadership here at the company.

What did go beyond the initial goal is a substantial amount of team management, workflow, and cross-team collaboration work. Even though Zoro is still an emerging business and my team is still comparatively small, we are in a rapid expansion stage and a lot of internal workflows is developing itself along with the company. As a result, a lot of my work is to be conducted with ambiguity and exploration. My manager and I, therefore, believe that it would be a good learning experience for me to get involved with team management and set up workflow for that ambiguous work. I think this is a very meaningful experience and will definitely benefit me in my future career.

I think I am doing well with keeping up with the expectations and maintaining a good communication with my manager as well as the rest of the team. We are having not only routine meetings but also frequent check-ins with projects and work progresses. From my experience so far at Zoro, I have developed a lot in terms of interpersonal communication and team leadership.

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  • July 10, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    This sounds like a great experience. I am happy that you are enjoying your time at Zoro. It seems like you are learning a lot. Interpersonal communication and leadership skills are very useful in any career, and it is great that you are developing them so that you can be very competitive in the job market. Keep up the good work!


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