Informational Interview #1: The Inside Scoop at STARMEN Design Group

Deciding who I wanted to interview at STARMEN was a bit difficult for me because it is a marketing agency with both creatives and non-creatives, and I am a little bit of both. I am an Art & Design Minor as well as a Communications major and in the end, I decided to speak with one of the employees who is on the creative side. Since designing seems like “fun” to most people, I wanted to understand the daily life of someone who performed that task day-in and day-out, exhausting their creativity. While talking with my interviewee it was clear that she was stressed about the project she’s currently working on. She spoke about how even when she leaves work, she’s still working trying finish a very strict deadlined project. With the task of designing a massive number of pages for a website, it was clear she was exhausted and monumentally stressed.

While speaking with the interviewee, we begun talking about what exactly she does as she is a web designer but does not do the coding for sites. I was interested in this because I always believed to be a web-designer, you also had to be able to code. I was wrong! A fellow employee nearby who was half listening to our conversation chimed in a mention that the coding aspect hinders the creativity that web-designers usually have. So usually, the process goes like this: First, the web-designer creates all of the pages of the websites, designing the links, the homepage, the pages off of the homepage, what is supposed to be re-directed to where, etc. Second, the web-designer gives all of these designs to the coder. The coder then explains what is and what isn’t possible in the designs and then creates the codes for the entire webpage.

I never knew I would learn this much about coding in my time here as I thought most of my job would be searching online for information on competitors of our clients but, I was pleasantly  surprised. I’m very happy I decided to conduct my informational interview with the person I did because I wouldn’t have learned that much about web-design and what it’s really like if I hadn’t!

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  • July 27, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    The design process is absolutely fascinating! If you have the ability, I am sure that the School of Info offers an info architecture or web design course that may be of interest.


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