Informational Interview #2 (Blog #6 of 8)

Informational interviews are great for learning about different fields and making connections. I connected with the woman I interviewed because she is a University of Michigan graduate with similar interests. She works at a marketing company right now and my internship is also in marketing, so we have a common bond that brings us together. Further, I connected with her because I wanted to learn more about what she does in marketing, what a day to day schedule looks like in marketing, and how she likes the job. I looked at her LinkedIn and saw that she graduated from Michigan, obtained the marketing job, and works in New York City, which is close in proximity to where I grew up. All of those reasons are why I connected with her. In terms of learning, I had a few major takeaways from my conversation with her. She told me to ask myself, “What impact do you want to have?” and then go into a profession that helps answer that question. For her, she loves seeing how her work increases sales of a product she is trying to market. In addition, she talked about how important it is to develop problem solving skills. I will apply this learning to the remainder of my internship. Even if I have an issue and I want to ask my boss a question, I will try solving it myself first to show that I made an attempt at problem solving. In terms of applying this to my educational pursuits, I plan to challenge myself to take more problem solving courses, and for my career pursuits I will incorporate problem solving skills into my job to avoid asking questions that I can figure out myself.

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  • July 12, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    Interesting, Elise!


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