Mid-Point Check In #4

It is now safe to say that this summer has been going by way too fast. I didn’t realize how little time we had left of summer until it became the mid-point week of my internship. I have a bitter-sweet feeling about being half way through summer. First, I am not ready to let go of the warm weather and head back to the snow in Michigan. But then again, I am ready for game days and being back in Ann Arbor. As for my internship, I feel as if the first half of the program has been very valuable to my career path and I am confident that the second half will be the same. My main goals at the beginning of my internship were to make a lasting impression and to make connections. Within just these first 4 weeks I can tell that those two goals will definitely be met. I have put myself out there to multiple different teams within my programs and allow myself to be familiar with all of the different verticals that exist here at Time inc and not just the one that I am assigned to. I reached out to many different people explaining that I would love to work with as many different people as possible in order to better understand this industry and figure out where I belong. So far, so good! One of the most important things I have learned so far is how important it is to speak up. By using my voice, asking questions, showing interest, and not being afraid to ask higher-up people about their work that they do really helped me a lot in this entire process. I am so excited to look forward to the rest of my time here!

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