Stuck in the Middle (with you) | #5 – Mid-Point

My 4th week has concluded as of this Friday, and I find myself curious yet accomplished with what I’ve done so far in these 4 weeks in Manhattan. While I’m a bit less social than I’d like outside of work, I’ve made close friends with both coworkers and roommates, going out and exploring to my wishes. However, when it comes to my internship, I’m simultaneously progressing and stuck, if that makes any sense – it shouldn’t. However, I should describe what I’ve done this week as well as reflect some.

This week was much like the last, besides me reaching the decision part of my research project: Dedicating more than a day to research into viable and interesting topics that I could relate back to our research that we process daily, me and my supervisor were able to land on a couple: Firstly, due to my language leanings and my interest, we’ll be talking with our Japan-focused salesperson on the floor next week to see if they need any help, as well as get some insight into the Japanese markets and stocks beyond reading Bloomberg articles and skimming research reports. Besides that, after narrowing down some other topics that were interesting but ultimately not viable, we settled on mobile payments as a research topic, since I delved into that industry further earlier this year, in my Entrepreneurship class.

In other notes of reflection, I find that I’m having a good time here, both during and off work. Work has slightly more downtime than I’d like, but I can cope fine, as well as read some news or catch up on pursuits. When it comes to fulfilling my goals, I’ve had decent chances to put my skill set of Microsoft Office to use, as well my experience from my previous internships. I’d say that I’m a pretty good teammate, I make sure to communicate my thoughts and promote cooperation. However, I’ve not had any leadership opportunities opportunities until now, but my project as well as some other work should be plenty opportunity for me.

I personally believe that I’ve massively improved already in multiple facets, from efficiency in routine work to knowledge when it comes to financial markets and specific industries. I look forward to building on these aspects even more in the second half of my internship!-

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