Value of Diversity | Blog #3

One thing that I have seen change as I navigate my internship is that I have started to read a lot more. Not only has my new summer routine caused me to read casually, something I haven’t done in a long time, but I also have subscribed to different newsletters and daily articles to keep me up to date on important tech information and financial news. This has proven to be super helpful to me as I continue to build my knowledge of the tech world and attempt to fully grasp the world of venture capital I immerse myself in every day. I have also found that the people around me are interested in the same topics as I am, and I have a lot of valuable resources in my office for suggestions on good content to stay up to date on. Another hobby that I find I pick up during my summers is listening to podcasts – whether these focus on sports, technology, entertainment, I find that I am able to be productive while listening to something in the background. And finally, I find that as I navigate my internship, one aspect of my personality that changes is that I find myself becoming more ambitious – challenging myself to learn more and assert myself in the workplace.

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