What has happened so far #3

Hey all,

So just an update on what has happened so far during my time in the UK.

For my research project, testing a new particle detector for CERN, I have been making good progress. For the first three weeks, I have been getting familiar with terminology and te software used to test detectors. Now that I am more or less familiar with how to test detectors, we will begin starting the actual bulk of the project. We will be analyzing data from our new detector and see if it measures up to our expectations for it.


In terms of exploring the UK, I went to the city of Luss 2 weekends ago and saw the Highland games, which was a good time. This past weekend I went to Stirling and saw one of the most strategically important castles in Scotland and a memorial to William Wallace. I feel I am starting to understand Scottish culture and society more.


Cheers for now,


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