What I Hope to Find in D.C. | #1

Washington D.C. is one of the greatest political hubs in the world, and I am throwing myself full force into that crazy political realm. Before deciding to intern here, I wasn’t sure if I wanted a career in politics, if that would really be the right career fit for me. Actually, all I could say for certain about my future before this internship is that I want to attend law school but I still don’t know how I would use my law degree. I decided to apply to internships in Washington D.C. and test the political waters, so to speak. I hope to come out of my internship this summer at a think tank with just slightly more clarity on my future career path. Ultimately, it is about discovering whether my passion can lie in the nit and grit of policy work or if this is just not the city for me. One thing is for certain, I have never been in a city, or worked in an office, that loves their politics more than Washington D.C., not even Ann Arbor can compare. Here crowds gather in bars to watch controversial Senate intelligence hearings, as others would rally together to watch a favorite sports team. If at the end of this internship I love politics half as much as the people I have encountered through work, then D.C. may just be the right place for me to take my law degree.

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