Work Culture | #2

The Orchard’s office is light and airy just like its culture. In my short time with the company, I’ve come to appreciate the camaraderie, and have begun to become a part of it myself. I’ve learned that play is a very important aspect of work, even if it’s just an off-topic conversation. Instead of cubicles, most employees sit at desks like those pictured above, facilitating conversations about music, movies, and dare-I-say politics. One of my closest colleagues is a senior executive who sits with her team at a desk just like mine, breaking down literal and figurative barriers to forming bonds and friendships. Our CEO finds it important to invest in the happiness of his employees, as all employers should. On some Fridays, we even welcome artists into the office space to give a live musical performance, as shown above on the right.

However, the workplace culture is more than just fun and games, and result-oriented efficiency is the priority for all. Although our happiness is important, the company invests more resources in the professional growth of interns and employees alike. I fully intend to continue taking advantage of the various masterclasses, networking opportunities, and musical experiences available to me this summer. This balance between my happiness, my accomplishments at work, and my development as a professional in the music industry exemplifies that kind of work culture I would like to be a part of.

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