1 Month and 1 Oversight – Blog Post #2

I’ve been working in the field now for about 2 weeks, and it’s spectacular. I feel like I’m truly an employee, given a great amount of responsibility. Sometimes when I start at a new job site, people assume I’m a real working adult! Not just some intern! I must say, it feels great. I am very pleased to be working so independently and given important work; I’m not just running around getting coffee for my bosses. However, with great responsibility comes great pressure.

I do feel a bit stressed. Because I’ve been working so hard and proving my abilities to my supervisors, they feel comfortable giving me more work and responsibility. Don’t get me wrong, I love being trusted and liked by others, and I always love a good challenge, but I feel a bit overwhelmed at times. In fact, just a couple of days ago, I managed 6 projects in one day. That’s INSANE. I mentioned it to one of the full time workers, and they were impressed that I handled things so flawlessly. I’m proud of myself for realizing I can certainly hold my own.

However, I’m sure you guessed it, I made a mistake recently. Because I’m travelling around the state and working specifically in schools, I’m typically given a master set of keys to each school district along with their security codes, which is a hefty responsibility on its own. Everything was fine until I started work in Port Huron. I went to one of the elementary schools and did my work for the day, locked up, keyed in the code to set the alarm, and left. When I arrived early the next morning before everyone else to unlock the building again, I forgot to shut off the security system, and the alarm started going off. I was freaked out, but managed to pull myself together enough to get it shut off. Then the police came. They’re automatically notified when the system is tripped, and raced over to see little ‘ol me standing there with the keys. They asked me lots of questions and took down my information. It was a stressful 10 or so minutes, but I got some coffee and all was well.

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