4 | Moose Soup


I’m a picky eater. For the longest time I was afraid to eat fish and for some reason mayonnaise, mustard, and relish creep me out. I’ve accepted the fact that some foods will forever remain uncharted territory for me


But, every once in awhile, I think “Well, why not try this? What are you so worried about?” Case in point: moose soup.


When someone told me about it I thought it was a joke or that maybe I misheard what was said. “What is that?” I asked stupidly. I honestly never heard of it before and for some reason I could not understand it as a concept. Moose are massive and scary; they’ve got horns and apparently they’re part of the deer family—but they must be very distant relatives to the cute, graceful, Bambi creatures because to me they look more like a bear or a mutant horse.


As you can tell, I’m not much of a hunter and not a very outdoorsy person. So the fact that I was going to such a big and threatening animal blew my mind.


Once someone gave me a bowl, I just stared at it for a bit. No one told me going in what moose tastes like. Does it taste like chicken, pork? All anyone told me was that it’s good, so I dipped my spoon in and ate some.


I’m not a huge soup person but that bowl was delicious. Any attempt I make to describe it will just reveal how little I know about food but I’ll say it was hearty. It was like a bowl of Chunky Campbell’s Beef with vegetables.


I found out that moose tastes like beef, meaning it is really good. I savored that bowl of soup because I knew I would never have it when I came back to my hometown.

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