6. Tabor Film Festival

This weekend, my supervisor invited me to volunteer at the Tabor Film Festival, a nearby event where refugee and human rights organizations would be sponsored. We slept in tents, ate unhealthy food, watched films, and danced all night.

The best part of the festival was the people I met there. By far, the most memorable group that I met was a family from Iran who were placed in Croatia one year ago. They were made up of a mother and her three daughters, ranging from ages 15 to 6. We became great friends through late night talking in the tents, playing catch with frisbees, going through about 100 water balloons, and so much more. At first, I felt weird because I don’t have much experience with playing with children, but even with a few moments of struggles, we all made the weekend fun.

I feel like this was the first time I was able to make serious friendships with people in the area, and I’m sad that this only happened until my last full week in Zagreb. I have plans to visit them before I leave, and I hope that we can continue our friendship even when we’re on opposite ends of the world!


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