Berlin | Two Months Down

Hello Guys,

I have now been living in Berlin for two months, and I am on the homestretch, as we start to put the finishing touches on our research project, and I scramble to travel and see more of Berlin.

Last weekend I went on a weekend trip to Kraków to see the city and go on a guided tour to Auschwitz. In case you were wondering, nine-hour bus rides are not exciting, and it is not as easy to sleep on the bus as I thought. Kraków was a beautiful city loaded with history ranging from war to religion. I spent most of my time wandering around the Old Town and the The Old Jewish Quarter. The architecture of Kraków was awesome, along with the food and people. I even got free water and bread at dinner (why doesn’t Germany believe in that). My tour to Auschwitz was a good experience, and it was cool to put the site to the history, but there was definitely nothing cool about it. Seeing the camp and listening to my guide provided me with harrowing knowledge that I will keep with me forever.

Out research project is coming along well, and if we keep up the same pace, we should have the project finished as August arrives, even with the other side tasks that we are working on. Every day in the office provides me with more knowledge and a chance to develop my research skills, and it has been a great experience so far.

Below I have attached a few pictures from Kraków

Go Blue,

Payton Krause

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