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One goal I hope to gain is to learn a way to efficiently communicate with the kids that I will be coaching as well as the adults such as coaches and faculty members. I feel like this goal is important in my internship and in my future profession. I say this because communication is a vital part in the sports industry. Communicating with a team to get the best out of them, or communicating with a business representative to get a deal to go through. No matter the situation you will deal with people, younger or older than you, but you must be able to efficiently communicate with you. Another goal that I hope to accomplish is contributing to the team’s success on the field. I want to help the team win their spring game against Tuscaloosa County May 19th. I want to help correct the players on the field, giving them pointers and tips to optimize their performance. I also will help them in the film room by sorting the film like using Hudl to put the down and distance, result of the play, etc… Overall I feel like accomplishing this goal will help me with my confidence and also affect the people apart of the program. So overall it would be a win win situation.

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