Blog #1: What drew me to this opportunity

After having worked at two nonprofits in the past, a refugee resettlement agency and a grassroots human rights nonprofit, I knew that while although I loved the work I did and what it had stood for, that I wanted to be involved in more policy-based work. In fact, after taking some classes at school, I realized that I wanted to be involved in Middle East policy, specifically.

So, this past spring, I started looking into organizations that had stronger footholds in foreign policy and policy advocacy. This included government agencies, think tanks, and political consulting firms. I figured that while all of my previous work was in human rights, this would give me a bit of a political edge in the grand scheme of things. Even if i wasn’t working directly with foreign policy, I would see the ins and outs of how policy is influenced.

Eventually, this search led me to New Chicago Consulting, a progressive political strategy firm. They work primarily with some local and state-level officials, as well as some Congressional clients. After interviewing with them and speaking with my supervisor, I knew this would be a great firm to get a lot of experience in. Although it’s a smaller company, I knew I would get utilized well, and would also be exposed to some issues that arise in our domestic politics.

In fact, much of the work that my supervisor told me I would be doing would show me how our political landscape is formed. By seeing and understanding the way in which our politics are formed domestically, I knew this would be a great bridge into seeing how our policy is shaped and influenced. Thus, I decided to take this opportunity, in a city I never thought I’d be, in hopes of eventually being able to translate strategies aimed at shaping our domestics politics into strategies to shape our foreign policy.

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