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To me work culture is the environment that you work in. I feel like work culture is something that can be different in organizations that specialize in the same expertise. To my employer work culture means success rate. The employer knows that if his or her work culture is not a place that promotes success and is not a healthy environment then their company will not be successful. That’s why work culture is so important to them.
There are certain elements that are critical when I look at my success in a work culture. The first is a comfortable environment where I can come in everyday and not have to deal with negativity in my work place. Another element is the vibe the workplace has. If the work place has a playful environment I feel like a lot of work would not get done. There has to be a clear distinction in times where workers can relax and a time where they must be focused and have to buckle down get work done.
The physical workplace says a lot about my employer. The setting in the rooms and the structure of the building tells me a lot. The meeting rooms look like school rooms because it is a place for the players to learn. His office, where he meets with recruiters and staff regularly, is built very professionally with chairs you see most business offices have in a small enclosed room that is sound proof. The environment does match the work style because in order to be a successful head coach you must have a comfortable environment for you, your staff, and your players to grow and build. I have adapted to the work environment well as I have been watching my coach conduct business that most people do not see in the everyday life of high school head coach. I have sat in meetings with coaches and players learning how he conducts his business in different rooms. This type of environment would be perfectly fine with me to start my career as a coach. With the facilities they have at the highschool they are built for success on and off the field for the players and built for a place of business when recruiters come in looking for players.

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