Blog 2 – Finding Your Passion

When thinking about my professional future, I have always been concerned with finding my passion. During the iHeartMedia tri-weekly Intern Speaker Series, one of our speakers even mentioned that in order to be successful you must find your passion, and the rest will come easily. However, my parents constantly remind me that work is work, and I need to stop being so obsessed with and preoccupied by this idea of passion, because work is not supposed to be fun. They think I am trapped in a fairytale because I want to like going to work everyday. It makes sense to me; I have always loved school. The work that I have always considered “work,” consisting of learning and exams and essays, has always been enjoyable to me, so what’s wrong with wanting to enjoy working in the future?

My mom always tells me that work is not about what you do, but rather who you do it with. It’s about the environment in which you work, and finding people who you are excited to see everyday who can make the job easy and enjoyable. So far, at iHeart, that’s what I am hearing a lot too. Obviously iHeart is a cool company that has to do with celebrities and music, and all the different teams work together and have the opportunity to touch the corporate aspects of this exciting realm of media. However, everyone here is always talking about how great the people are. Everyone I have met thus far is fun to be around and laughs everyday and enjoys it here, and they genuinely mean it when they tell us to “work hard and have fun,” and that everyone here knows how to do both at the same time. I have always thought of myself that way; maybe that’s why I am starting to feel like I could really fit in well here.

I am learning that passion is about the environment in which you work. Work culture is all about the people. iHeart thinks so. My mom thinks so. And now, I think, I think so too.

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