Blog 2-Work Culture (ALA 225)

I am blessed to say that am I a little bit over 50% of my internship, and I am loving every minute of it. Not only have I gotten accustomed to working under my director, I am also very accustomed to the buildings work environment/culture, two aspects that I value in a workspace. Furthermore, I value my culture, and it plays a significant role in the man I am today. That is one reason why getting accustomed to my internships work environment was not problematic at all. The demographics of the people I intern under are roughly 40% Black, 30% White, and the remaining 30% are a mixture of Hispanic and Asian. Keeping this mind, you can assume that we all have very  different backgrounds, music taste, and ultimately different cultural beliefs. From the outside looking in, one may infer assume that we would have segregated portions throughout the building. However, it is the exact opposite; we are able to function well because all are passionate about rebuilding the city as a whole. This has successfully served as a platform/bridge for us to come to a common ground. Furthermore, for the most part, it is very relaxed.

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