Blog 3

In my internship I have seen a lot of different personalities and a lot of diversity. With football you have to deal with 200 different personalities on your team. I have sat back and watched these different personalities and I have identified mine. I am a leader. Not a leader by words so much as I am a leader by action. When I see that a task needs to be done, I take initiative to get the job done. With this I have seen other follow suit and partake in whatever activity I am doing, whether it’s cleaning up the locker room, watching extra film, or other day to day football activities. Also I have noticed that my race does play a factor in interaction with players and coaches. You see young black athletes come to me often for advice and just to have a conversation with me. On the other hand when I look around on the practice field before practice, I see a group of white players joking with white coaches. I’m not saying we are a team split based on race purposefully. But I think that unknowingly we are separated based on race. I even see it with coaches when we are in coaches room. The black coaches have their clique and the white coaches have theirs. Overall race and personality have opened up my eyes to how important my race and personality is on the job.

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