Blog 3-Minor Setback

As you all know, I have completed over 50% of my internship. Not only has the real work began, it has also put a lot of stress on me. For weeks we have been trying to finish the documents necessary to get the entire city RRC (Redevelopment Ready Certified), and these documents are the farthest thing from easy. In fact, the aspect which makes the documents the most difficult would be the fact that there is no room f0r mistakes throughout the documents. Every aspect of each plan plays a vital role in the city ultimately receiving or not receiving approval. Furthermore, the weight of these deadlines took a toll on me. However, I thank God and the people in the city for giving me strength to persevere. Interning with the city on a weekly basis has lead me to interact with several families/residents in the city. This has become so often that we have grown to know each other on a first name basis. Keeping this in mind, I know that if I lose hope and decide to give up on the proposals, I will be letting down every family in which I come into contact with. Because of that, I know that our work will not be done in vain, and will ultimately make a difference.

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