Blog 4

IMG_1061.jpgAt the midpoint of this internship I have learned a lot about myself and have accomplished goals I have set before this internship and I am on my way to accomplish some of those goals as well. One of my goals was to develop a way to communicate with the people I am around. With Football you have to be around people younger than you, the same age as you, and older than you. Because of this you must develop a way to communicate with each person you affect daily. I feel like at the midpoint of my internship I have conducted a way to still be able to fit in with all three categories of people. I can drop a few pears and communicate with a player off the field and have a casual conversation. Then I can also touch base with older adults and have a casual conversation as well. I know when to flip the switch between casual and business. So overall I have reached one of my goals. I don’t think I should have to change the goals I have set because they are obtained or obtainable. One thing I could grow at is taking what the coaches are helping me with and apply it to the way I look at the job. I could take a better grasp on the little things they do for the player when no one is paying attention and ask them why they did this.

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