Blog #4 – Glass Half Full

It seems crazy to think that I am nearing the midpoint in my internship. I have completed four of the ten weeks so far but had some time to reflect back recently, so I decided to go ahead and write this. It almost seems like I just got to Chicago! However, when looking back at my goals it seems as though writing that was ages ago, as I know much more information about Mission Measurement now. One of my goals was to understand MM and consulting better, which I think I already have a good grasp of. Another was to become a better storyteller.

As July 4th just passed, I was able to spend a lot of time with family at home. With that, of course there was plenty of storytelling and explaining what my internship was about to extended family. Being able to get better at storytelling and customize it to my audience is one of my main goals. So far I have improved from some of the projects and having to create presentations and concise outcome frameworks, but I can improve much more during the rest of the internship. I am still far off from where I want to be. This will take more conscious effort from me.

I also wanted to make sure I am able to get close with the internship class. There are ten interns including myself. While I have become good friends with one of them, I am still working on getting to know the rest better. We have a Facebook group between us to communicate, but have yet to truly hang out outside of work as a big group. I hope to facilitate this more in the last half of this internship.

Lastly, I have been fortunate enough to have a coffee chat with one of the C-suite executives at MM. With John H., I talked about his experience and past to MM. This was incredibly insightful for me because I saw many comparisons to myself. He studied at McGill, and long debated whether or not to get an undergraduate business degree (similar to myself) and explained how his life played out from there. It did not affect him too much, but he noted several instances of where it would’ve helped or hurt him in his career. He also worked in different consulting firms previous to MM, and spoke about the culture and office experiences there, which in general he didn’t like. Ironically, one week after my chat with John, he left MM after 5 years of being there. He is still on as a consult. Overall, I had a great experience with him and found it to be incredibly helpful, more so than I originally thought.

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