Blog 5

We are all humans and we all make mistake. Some big and some small. The one I made on the job was pretty big. My instructor told me to help him by taking a box of things to this store so they could handle what was in it. I told him that I would after practice that day. Well, practice went by and I was drained and the only thing I could think about was a cold glass of water and the to. I went back to where I was staying and realized I had forgot to drop off the box. Well it was about 8 o’clock now and the store was closed. So I knew I had to man up and tell my instructor what I had done. I told him the next and day and he told me that he really ended that box in the store yesterday as they could give it back to him today’s. But then he told me just to take it today and go get it on the weekend. So overall I messed up but I also owned up to it and had to sacrifice my time of the weekend delivering and picking up a box.

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