Blog 6

IMG_1062My internship was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed every second of it. The whole time I was down there I was excited every day I got up to head there. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. The most exciting part was being around the game I love. I love football and I know one day that my days as a player are going to end. So instead of walking away from the game I could just be a coach and help athletes like me grow into better individuals. I have a great passion so my worth ethic will be there. I know I will be able to relate with the players and coaches because I have been to different levels and know and seen things they have seen and things have not seen. One thing I could improve on is my assertiveness. During the internship I wasn’t able to really get my point across because it wasn’t my team, I wasn’t the head coach. So I don’t know what I will do when that time comes so I could always work on being more assertive and grounded when I talk to people to get my point of view across. I plan to take class about sports and a sports management to help me better understand athletes and the way sports affect them to put me in the best situation after college to have a better understanding of the players I’m working with.

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