Buenos Aires Week 3

This was the best week ever! Eight of my American friends and I went on a trip to Iguazu Falls in the northern part of Argentina, on the borders of both Brazil and Paraguay. We took a 20-hour bus ride to get to Puerto Iguazu and stayed in a hostel there. Staying at the hostel in Puerto Iguazu was probably my favorite part of my entire Argentinian trip thus far. We met so many other young travelers from all over the world. I made friends with a guy named Josh from England, and we ended up walking around the falls all day and swapping our travel stories. In addition to meeting Europeans, there were many native Spanish speakers at the hostel who didn’t speak any English, so we all got great experience practicing our Spanish.

After making friends at the hostel, we set off for the falls, a short bus ride away. It took all day to hike the miles of trails and catwalks that seemed to float just over the rushing water. I took some amazing photos, and can safely say that Iguazu Falls National Park is the most beautiful place I have ever been able to experience. I for sure will be going back in the future, and would recommend it to anybody traveling in the region.

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