Hectic Last Week | #6

It is now the last week at the internship and things are getting hectic as we race to complete our project before leaving. The past week had seen me hit a major obstacle while linking the PHP code to the front-end JavaScript code to enable users to get graphical representations of the data in between two specified dates. The AJAX call I needed to implement had not been working effectively for quite a while and I had spent a big chunk of the week trying to troubleshoot the errors in the code.

The tech lead here at Mahindra First Choice is very experienced with a large array of programming languages and took a look at my code to help in the troubleshooting process. The error was not one that popped out immediately but he did teach me how to make use of Google Chrome’s developer tools to check whether the AJAX calls were being sent and pinpoint the specific location of the error. These tools played a pivotal role when I finally found the cause of the bug with the AJAX call and also helped me fix the other errors present in the code. It was great to learn yet another skill, which was troubleshooting, thanks to the tech lead here. With that obstacle past me, I am now working on optimizing the graphs to reflect the users changes in the date range.

Me with my grandparents

Last weekend, as mentioned in my previous post, I had also travelled with my family to Kochi, Kerala to meet with my grandparents. Even though I now feel quite comfortable in Bangalore, it was great to be back in a familiar environment since I generally visit Kerala around once a year. It was great to meet my grandparents and try a different cuisine although I did only have a little over a day to spend there. While on the way to a restaurant for lunch, we also saw a Mahindra First Choice Wheels dealer (the company where I am interning at) so I decided to take a picture in front of the dealership. It was good to go back to Kochi for a day and visit the locations that I was so used to seeing nearly every summer vacation.

Right now we are wrapping up our project and preparing to say goodbye to all the great coworkers here. It is going to be a hectic week but I will definitely miss the city and the people as well as the workplace itself. The past 7 weeks have made me accustomed to a set routine which will be hard to break out of once I return to Abu Dhabi, but I can experience it for another couple of days before packing my stuff and getting ready to fly back.

Me at the Mahindra First Choice dealership at Kochi, Kerala

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