Informational Interview 2

I met with the marketing and events coordinator for the Nationals Youth Academy. The youth academy is a place for underprivileged kids to learn to play baseball and participate in mentorship programs. This organization is connected with the Washington Nationals Baseball team. I connected with this person due to the fact that she is an alumna of my high school. I reached out to her via email and set up a time to talk. She was so excited to hear all about my experience at Whitman and how I was enjoying college. She was also thrilled to talk to me about her experience with marketing and event planning in the non-profit space.  I learned that often times charities can be run similarly to start-up companies. This makes it a great space for young people to work and grow. This interview was incredibly helpful to me because I saw a lot of similarities between me and the woman I spoke with. She expressed a strong interest in philanthropy and the need to be active in her work life. These are things that are important to me as well. This interview helped me realize that I can get the type of active work by doing event planning and marketing in the non-profit sphere. This interview confirmed my interest in this field. Additionally, I set up a time to go see the academy and shadow her for a day.

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