Informational Interview: Inside Organization

In my informational interview inside my organization, I had a conversation with a current high school coach. To protect his anonymity, I will not say his current school he is coaching at, but it is a pretty good school for football down in the South. I knew from the start of deciding who I wanted to interview during this process that he was going to be my go to guy. He has a known reputation for being humble and comes from humble beginnings so I knew we would connect well because of this trait he carries.  When in conducted this informational interview I figured that if he could shed some light about high school coaching to me than it would be perfect for me to see which route I would like to take after college. He told me there is nothing like high school football. Unlike college football, you don’t coach players you recruit because you can’t recruit in high school. This allows for kids who grew up playing little league football together to be on the same team form 3-4 years on the varsity level. There will never be a bond like it and this make coaching them a whole lot better because you know of a fact they do it because they love the game and love each other. When coaching high school kids, you also have to realize that they are kids. Some 14 and 15 others 17 and 18. This allows you to instill life lessons early before letting them loose into the college world. It’s all about developing young men who have a desire to do something in life. Maybe not football at the next level but maybe encourage them to pursue that PhD to become a doctor. Even though you are doing all these great things from the kids you must also make sacrifices as a coach. That means family time and friends must be reduced, many nights up watching film, and a constant need to be a father to some of the kids who don’t have that figure in their life. During this whole interview the main thing that this coach taught me that I will always take with me are two points. Never be somewhere where you are tolerated and not appreciated, and never mix pleasure with business because they don’t match.

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