Journal #2 – Nearing Part 1

After finalizing nearly forty students for the program we began to look over the rough draft of the schedule so that we could identify some of the tasks that we still needed to complete in order to finalize the schedule. Before making any drastic changes to the draft, project interns decided it would be helpful if we had gotten new perspectives on the schedule, so we each asked a different faculty member or a colleague to look over the draft and provide any feedback that they may have for us. After collecting all the feedback, we were able to finish up most of the schedule.

As things began to slow down as we near Part 1 of the Big House Program taking place in early August, the project interns and I have focused our time on improving other aspects of the student organization as well as looking into other possible programs that we could complete or have planned out by the end of the summer. For now, we have prioritized working on the current process for students to join the organization. We want the students to learn valuable skills that they can carry on in their professional careers as well as offer them more insight into what programs are currently being worked on allowing them to take an interest into at least one of the programs available. Some of the lessons that we have prioritized have revolved around time management and tech savvy skills that would really benefit the students.

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