Mid-Point Check-in | #4

This is the mid-point check-in and this is exactly the halfway point of my internship. With half of my internship over, I feel like I have made good progress on my goals. The time has gone by so fast already and I can’t believe it’s almost over. But I think I’ve been making good progress on my goals.

The two main goals I’ve been keeping in mind are learning new things and networking. On the learning aspect of my goals, I think I’ve been gaining a lot of knowledge, in regards to technology and how it plays a role in the life insurance business. I’m learning a whole new data management software that I had no exposure to prior to this internship. I’m learning different components of full stack development that I never learned in school. It can be a little overwhelming at times with all this new information, but I feel like I’m growing as an individual, which I am happy about.

In regards to the networking aspect of my goal, I feel like I’m meeting a lot of different people, in different parts of the technology department. I’m meeting these amazing people that are contributing to different roles in the company. I’ve definitely become interested in different roles than the one I’m in currently, and could see my self in a different position here at New York Life. That’s why it’s s important for me to continue to network, so I can continue exploring the different paths I can take. Overall I think I’m headed down the right path so far, and I can’t wait to make the most of the rest of my internship.

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