My Summer Work Environment

I am very appreciative of my opportunity to immerse myself in the work environment that exists at this record label. The atmosphere is filled with the same love for music that I have held throughout my entire life. Upon arrival to the office, you’re greeted by a grand piano, accompanied by photos of the accomplished artists that have worked with the label, which line the walls and surround the employees as they work. All around the office, music blasts from every computer and employees chat openly. There is a persistent excitement and enthusiasm in the air and the employees are constantly interacting, embodying the “team-spirit” feel of the office.

I think the way this office operates aligns perfectly with my ideal work environment because as a music lover, I believe listening to music always helps me thrive when it comes to completing tasks. The causal feel of the office makes the day go by much faster and work feels more like a recreational activity than a job. To me, work environment is extremely important because I believe work is motivated by the people, settings and attitudes that surround you. I’m lucky to be working at a company where so many other employees hold the same passion for music as I do. It’s a quality that’s transmitted by the ways in which the office operates and has only made my experience that much more valuable.

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