Resiliency Camp -Blog 2

So this week is the start of the Voices for Earth Justice Resiliency Camp. It will run for four weeks; two in July for youth and two in August for adults. Planning for the camp was interesting because the purpose of the camp is to strengthen life skills such as, meditation, plant identification, food prep, using tools, and emergency preparedness-which is a lot of topics, plus planning for lunch for the campers. Trying to connect all of the dots has proven to be a task, but I am by no means doing all of the work. In fact, there are two other interns (Elsa and Lamar) who have been working hard to make this camp successful as well.  Day one was a rain out and only 8 kids showed up. Today was better and over twenty campers came. Tuesday being food prep day, we harvested plants, made a rocket stove, prepared and cooked our lunch. We first talked about wild edibles and then broke into groups of four so we could explore the garden and gather food for our lunch. The children were very eager to learn and sample the plants that they once thought were weeds. Several wild edibles we identified and used for lunch were garlic scapes, wood sorrel, dandelion, sage, oregano, arugula, spinach, as well as many others. We outsourced bulk beets, salad, and cooking greens from a local Detroit grower because we knew we would need more than was available on the site. After harvesting, all of the campers rotated stations focused on sorting and washing the plants, building the rocket stove, chopping, cooking, and making vinaigrette. Everything went smoothly for the most part. Twenty kids, ages 5-12, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I’m looking forward to the next few days. Tomorrow will be basic gardening/tool day. We’re going to be building birdhouses and garden beds.




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  • July 12, 2017 at 9:01 pm

    You are interning for a great organization! Wishing you lots of growth in your upcoming events.


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