Special Project #3

This was a good week for me because I was given a project to work on that helped me with my creativity skills. I was asked to create a card that shows our appreciation for the company and all that they do for us. The goal of the project was give some words of encouragement and motivation to the team members. I was asked to come up with the outline and the message inside of the card. I liked this project because it was different than my usual projects and it allowed me to be creative and think outside the box. My leader had faith in me to produce good work and I think I did a good job.

Once I finished the layout of the card I was able to get them printed on cardstock in the form of actual cards. The best part about the project was passing out the thank you/ motivational cards to all the members on the team and seeing the looks on their faces. My leader and I passed out snacks along with the cards and you could tell how happy they were to receive something nice. This project made me realize that doing unexpected good things to people is what matters most because it could make a big difference on someone’s day. Overall I enjoyed this project and I look forward to many more during my internship.

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