Summer 2017 | #4

It’s already the last week of my internship. I’m feeling bittersweet as I prepare myself to leave Ann Arbor for the remaining summer. I’ve come to befriend many generous, hard working, and genuine co-workers who have greeted me with a warm smile everyday. They have truly made this internship experience one to remember for a long time as well as my assigned attorney who have been patient with all of my questions throughout it all. The best part about this internship would have to be that until the end you are given new tasks. For example, just yesterday I was told to call a client and read him his pre-sentencing report. I’ve seen my co-workers do this in person but to do it myself over the phone seemed like a big task. Just like any other task, I first had to imagine what the phone call would go like in my head. I planned out what I was going to say, marked the paragraphs I had to read off of the report, and double checked with my attorney of what I was supposed to do. I then dialed his phone number and proceeded to read. Everything was smooth until he asked me questions to which I did not know the answers to. I had to continuously put him on hold and ask for my attorney’s help but neither of them seemed to mind and I was grateful for their patience. Today, as I sat in court observing I recognized the client I had called yesterday. Another amazing facet to the internship is that throughout my experiences, I am able to talk to my clients, interact with them, and be with them until the last moment in court. Throughout the entire process, I’m able to familiarize myself with my clients and develop a professional relationship with them. Not only does that motivate me to work harder for my clients but it also comforts me to know my clients face-to-face. The jail visits, phone calls, investigative memos, and phone meetings during the week truly help me become engaged in the cases. Although I never had the opportunity to watch a jury trial, I continue to be amazed by the judge’s compassion, attorneys’ efforts, and the clients’ refreshed and determined minds every week.

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