The Smell of Excitement | #1

Chi-town, the Windy City, Chicago. The course city air is rough—filled with the various aromas of food, people, transport, nature and so much more. To me, however, the strongest scent is of dreams—big, big dreams. I, a small town girl from Michigan suburbia, is all moved in. My tiny, overpriced downtown studio apartment is now my home for the next two months. I am interning at PricewaterhouseCoopers—the global giant, the biggest of the Big Four. I could not be more excited or more nervous. The past three years have been spent memorizing mathematic formulas, drawing economic graphs and studying for actuarial exams. I am nervous about the transition from student to professional. I will no longer be learning from textbooks and PowerPoint slides. My teachers now will be experienced professionals expecting me to work my hardest and to earn my spot among the elite of the business world. However, as nervous as I am, I am more excited about the opportunities that lie ahead of me. I look forward to developing as a leader, a teammate, a worker and an individual. I am thrilled by the thought of meeting so many like-minded peers and developing long-lasting relationships. I am about to start the best two months of my life; I can just smell it in the air!

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