2| Some Unexpected Teaching (and Learning) Experience

You may have noticed in my last post that I had said that I was to bring on a team of high school students into my mobile application development project.  When I started this internship, that was not originally part of the plan.  However, I thought it would potentially be a great learning experience for both me and some high school students whoa re part of our program at CollegeCommunityCareer if I were to have them on the project.   I brought the idea to our CEO/Executive Director, and she enthusiastically gave the go ahead.  I now have a group of six committed students on the project, and they are learning very fast, and they will begin directly contributing to the application development very soon.  My decision to add high school students to the project has not come without a few challenges, however.  I often meet the students on different days, and they sometimes absorb the material in different ways, so I am using some Saturdays to get everyone on the same page while having all hands on deck for development.  Furthermore, each day I need to make sure I have a rough lesson plan ready so that I am able to do their time and effort justice.  However, these added responsibilities are dwarfed by the potential benefit of having more creative and hardworking minds working on the project, and the rewarding feeling of facilitating some (hopefully) profound programming experience to students with limited prior exposure.   Also, I think the teaching experience has helped my programming improve as well.  These students are passionate, intelligent, and extremely driven (they are giving up a lot of free time this summer to be a part of this).  They are truly “Attacking [each] day with an enthusiam unknown to mankind”.  Their resolve is inspiring.  Jim Harbaugh would be proud.


Going over a JavaScript challenge on HackerRank


Sujay S

I am a student studying Informatics (with a Life Science Concentration) in the College of Literature, Science, and Arts at the University of Michigan. I am currently working as a Mobile Application Development Intern at CollegeCommunity Career, a nonprofit in the Houston, Texas area that aims to increase college access and success to underserved populations in the area. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this rewarding experience, due to support from AmeriCorps VISTA program and the Brock-Wilson Family Fund for Student Support LSA Internship Scholarship.

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