#5 Overcoming Obstacles

Starting the first week of my intern, I have been busy with new projects and work. However, the real challenge came up when I was instructed to work on a new re-pricing project where I was to project valuation results using MG-ALFA, a market-leading financial and actuarial modeling solution software. A professional tool in the insurance industry, MG-ALFA was rather different from programming languages I learned in the past like C++ and Python. At first, I strongly felt that I could not find a way to tackle this software.

I first approached my colleague, scheduling an appointment with her on the introduction to MG-ALFA. In this appointment, we walked through together some of the basic functions of the actuarial software. Feeling there was a need to understand better how the software would work for my project, I went to my manager and she gave me a tutorial on how she thought it would be better for me to get started understanding more of the financial and valuation results from MG-ALFA.

After manipulating data and getting myself comfortable with the software for a while, I felt it might be a good idea to watch some tutorial videos available, so I went to another colleague who was an ALFA expert. With the videos, I began to learn ALFA systematically and from a different perspective as well.

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