Wagon Wheels & Warehouse Work #3

Things are starting to pick up dramatically here in Traverse City as the tab guide was recently released to the public. Phones are busy, e-mails are hectic, but it seems that this organization thrives on such chaos. They warned us when we first arrived that these two months would be a bit like a rollercoaster, at first everything feels a bit slow, but then all at once things pick up. After the festival is over, everything just drops. A funny part about this internship that I didn’t expect is all the physical activity. I’m not complaining (because I count this as a workout), but lately I’ve been pulling a wagon full of the movie guides all around the streets of Traverse City. Going from shop to shop, asking the workers if we could leave some guides for the public to grab, is actually fun. All these weeks later, I am still impressed on how the city responds to the festival. Every shop I go into from salons to restaurants to bars, all graciously accepted.


The most demanding (physically) task yet is when I helped to pack up the entire warehouse to be moved to a new location. Surprisingly, I took the optimistic approach and accepted my fate. It became fun, but tiresome…and did I mention how exhausted my body was the next day (very much drained)? The reason why I mention this is because I am having a wonderful time getting to do random jobs that I wouldn’t typically do at any other job I’ve had. It’s been truly great, learning an array of skills, and it sure makes a lot of interesting stories if people ask me how my internship went.

   (This is a cake that some of the interns made for the Friday night showing of Back to the Future.)

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