Email Troubles

I have had a pretty busy couple of weeks here! It seems like every week brings a new project and a new problem to solve.

This week one of the issues I faced was with how to make sense of the data that our emails were bringing it. I started looking at the data with the goal of determining what emails worked best, what subject line’s were working, and what we should continue to do in the future. The only patterns I could find was that the email list was changing at an almost week by week basis. Because the email list is being updated so often – it was almost impossible to track what was working. My final conclusion was that the marketing department needs to upgrade it’s analytic service in order to keep up with the constant changes they implement. A constantly changing volunteer and donor list is great when you want to keep it updated, but it’s pretty terrible when trying to determine what emails work and don’t work with little information.


In the coming weeks I’ll be working on a huge annual fundraiser that the organization is that will take me all over Michigan. Hopefully I can find some time to post!

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