Blog 1. Cryospa Detroit

The goal that focuses on what I want to accomplish is to Never Shun a Chance to Learn More About the Company/Industry. This is my first job and I think its a great learning experience for me. I am going to reach out to as many people as possible within the company to learn everything I can about what its like to work for a private business within the sporting world. The goal that I want to gain from my internship experience is to get as much exposure as possible. Since I’ve been an athlete my whole life I understand what its like to work for a team and I want to do everything I can to help my new team and learn from every department within it. Connections are everything is the business world and the more exposure I have to this company the better off I will be. I hope to use this company and experience in this internship as not only a learning experience but stepping stone in my future career whether it be in the same company or department. I know there will be opportunities for me to go to events and showcase our product and I believe that will be a great way to be exposed as the worker and person I am.

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