Blog 1: Camp Michigania Goals

One of my goals for the summer is to gain interpersonal skills through my interactions with campers and other staff. As the Sustainability Coordinator I have several programs throughout the week that are geared towards engaging campers with camp’s efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, however, it is highly important that I can communicate without any jargon and make the programs a fun and interesting experience for the campers, especially with children and teens. I will try to utilize engaging interpersonal skills with campers by asking them questions along the way and by avoiding technical terms to maintain a fun atmosphere that is appropriate for camp. My second goal for the summer is to build a network of contacts with campers who work in ecology, environmental science, or public health. This is especially important because each week I have the opportunity to engage with U of M alumni who are interested in providing opportunities for staffers. It is also very important because I am not entirely sure of my long-term career goals after graduation. My goal for this summer is to talk to and get contact information from at least one camper each week as a way to construct a network that I can potentially utilize in my career search after graduation.

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