Blog 2: Camp Michigania Work Culture

I think work culture is an encompassing term for the policies and philosophies of the workplace, how employees communicate with each other, how managers communicate and interact with employees, what goals are set, and how employees interact socially. I think Camp Michigania’s work culture is defined by our guiding principals; Guest First, Self-Motivation, Professionalism, Personal Development, and Stewardship. The most important being Guest First because the main goals of the organization are to create a fun and educational experience for alumni of the University of Michigan and establish connections between alumni and current students and faculty. The staff of Camp Michigania implements these goals by establishing a fun and energetic work culture that is highly focused on customer service.

My ideal work culture would adopt Camp Michigania’s culture that is highly focused on customer service because engaging with customers has a tremendous influence in the reputation of the organization. Other important elements of work culture that are important to my growth as a professional include developing effective communication and leadership skills.

Camp Michigania is unique in comparison to the typical physical environment in the workplace. The majority of the interactions between campers and staff occur in the outdoors or in partially open buildings. Although our facilities are much nicer than most camps, they are rustic in comparison to the typical workplace. Since the physical work environment incorporates the outdoors and rustic facilities, it sends a message to staff and campers that Camp Michigania is a place for fun and relaxation. It matches my work style during when I am engaging with campers through programming such as hikes and lectures, however, it can be difficult to focus on more menial because I am constantly surrounded by a beautiful landscape and fun environment. I have adopted to the work style by purchasing the proper clothing and gear to spend the majority of my day outside, and to approach menial tasks with positivity and enthusiasm to make them more bearable. I really enjoy spending time in nature and engaging other people with nature, however, it can be difficult to maintain contact with people outside of camp.


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