Blog 2. Cryospa Detroit

Work culture is one of the most important characteristics in a successful business. Work culture to me means team work. I believe that a work environment is similar to a sports team and without everyone working together it won’t be a successful business. My employer feels the same way with the way he runs the work culture at Cryospa. I think that is because the owner played for the Detroit Lions for fourteen years so he understands what it takes to be on a sports team and work together to reach a common goal. The workspace at cryospa is a smaller office that usually only has like two to three employees working so teamwork is crucial when there are a bunch of clients at one time. I believe with my experience in sports and being on a team plays in my benefits in the business world. Some elements that are important to me in work culture is having a boss or supervisor that has an open door policy. I think you should feel comfortable being able to talk to your supervisors. You can learn something new no matter what position you are in and with having an open door policy you can feel free to ask questions.

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