Blog Post #5 – Overcoming Obstacles

Throughout the progression of my internship I have learned that the entire experience is about encountering obstacles and learning how to overcome them or from the failures that may arise when you try to tackle them. Everyday there are obstacles that you must learn to face head on in order to be good at your internship. A major obstacle that I faced was when I made a mistake and had forgotten to check my email Sunday night before work. As I had forgotten to check it I was unaware of a team meeting that was going to start at 9:30 am. My daily hours start at 10 am so when I arrived to the office it was clear that all of my team members were somewhere else. Frantically, I checked my email to figure out where everyone had went. When I realized that the entire team and other interns were in the meeting I was automatically at a loss for what to do. However, I decided to maturely approach the conference room and explain the situation to my supervisor. She was more than understanding and excited that I could participate in the end of the meeting. My decision to go into the meeting and admit my mistake allowed me to grow further as I learned a lot about the digital team during the meeting. I learned that it is better to show up late than not at all!

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