Challenges Abroad | 3

Since arriving in Piran, I have been enjoying my time very much. However, there here have been a few challenges that I have had to deal with, whether it be from my allergies or my lack of microbiological lab experience.  But as time has progressed, I can see myself slowly overcoming these issues.

One of my biggest concerns with traveling abroad has been my peanut allergy. It’s very severe, so I have had to tiptoe around what meals I eat. Because of this, I have had to turn down some opportunities to eat at local restaurants, which I am sure is limiting some of my cultural experience abroad. In order to resolve this anxiety, I have been going to restaurants and ordering smaller items to make sure my allergies do not react. So far, it’s been going well, and it’s allowed me to experience Piran’s culture much more!

Another challenge I have faced is my relatively lacking experience in a microbiology lab. Because of this, I have been more worried that I will negatively affect the research being done in the lab. To address this, I am slowly working more and more on my own to make sure I have the hang of things. I’m sure I’ll be able to do these activities more confidently as time progresses! Practice makes perfect, of course!

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