Connecting my internship with my academics

This internship confirmed that I want to work with a non-profit in a marketing/event planning role. The aspects of this this role that excite me are the constant change. There is something new to deal with every day you come into the office. I also am excited that you can see the results in your work. Everything you do in the office is working toward a common goal or cause. In terms of development, I need to not get frustrated by monotonous tasks. Often times event planning and marketing require very boring tasks like phone calls or large mailings. While these seem to be useless, every phone call and letter sent is working toward that same common goal. Without these tasks, the organization would not be able to raise as much as they do. With my remaining time at Michigan, I hope to work towards being able to be the head of marketing at a non-profit. I plan to apply to organizational studies this winter. This small program allows students to write pathways and take specific classes that will help them succeed. This would be an amazing opportunity for me. Additionally, I am planning on becoming philanthropy chair in my sorority. This will expose me to event planning for a non-profit.

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